Railroad Station Library

Haarlem (NL)



This is the concept: You loan something, use it, return it in order that somebody else can use it. Or to be specific in this case: read it – because this is the concept of a (public) library. Collective use of books.

In Haarlem, the Netherlands, the Public Library experiments with a Library on railroad station Haarlem: ‘bibliotheek op het station’. It softly opened on August 8th and will have it’s grand opening on September 21 2011.

The Library is intended for commuters, it’s only open in the early morning and afternoon. You can become a member or borrow a single book for € 2,50.

For now this is the first Railroad Station Library, but soon more cities wil follow.

Is it Superuse? Well you start out with something new, but with it’s second loan, the book is reused. The Railroad Station Library is definitly a clever reuse of a 5000 year old concept.

More: (only in Dutch) http://www.bibliotheekophetstation.nl/

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Stationsbieb

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