Raw Update



Raw has been on the red soils of South Africa over a month now, so its time that we let you know into what pies we have been getting our fingers!Once BJ arrived back from Swaziland to Boschkop, Pretoria [since recently, actually officially called ʻTshwaneʼ], with a car donated by his father, complete with raw stickers, we set to work on finding the projects and sourcing the materials in the raw-mobile

For the image-building of raw-extras and the sourcing of materials. Thereʼs a building salvage yard near Alexandra which has committed to donating materials to the project – they have old conveyor belts, ventilation ducts, beams and many steel bar gates [yes, security here is a priority] We have many off-cuts contacts where we can pick up, at will and disused car-windscreens and pallets are abundant…In and around Alexandra, there are business with cable reels, oil barrels, paper bales, disused white goods and other interesting materials to be sourced. The response is generally incredibly positive, especially when one informs them of the project we are working on.

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