reclaimed bourbon chair

Washington D.C. (US)



While I was working on a project for a restaurant, I came across old bourbon barrel staves that were being used to smoke food. I immediately knew that I had to create a recycled/reclaimed piece with this wood. Sure, the restaurant’s food tastes good, but I knew this wood had another purpose, so I saved them from slaughter. I observed that barrel stave was perfect for the back leg of a chair, so I got to work. As luck has it, the wood itself is first grade quartersawn oak, a very sturdy and attractive wood. The problem would be taming this twisted wood and making a functional piece. After a little trial and error, I came up with a chair I can stand behind, or, rather, sit on… The black on the chair is the remnants of charcoal from the roasting of the barrel when it was first made. Each chair has a convenient drawer under the seat.

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