reclaimed snow fence



Do yourself and the environment a favor and use reclaimed

snowfence for your rustic barn wood-type projects. It looks great,

it’s all-natural, and it never needs maintenance. Really!

Unlike typical barn wood, there’s no need to kiln dry our

reclaimed wood. It’s naturally dried from the Wyoming wind.

Wyoming winters are notorious for their heavy snowfall and strong winds. Unprotected roads and highways are quickly covered by ice

and snow packed by passing vehicles. Snow fences are constructed upwind in order to disrupt wind flow and deposit snow before it

reaches the roads and highways.

The rough cut “face” boards of snow fences are continuously sand-blasted, desicated, frozen, and thawed in the harsh Wyoming

weather. After a decade or more, the result is an extremely weathered wood product, dried in Mother Nature’s own kiln. The typical face

boards are comprised of a mixture of thirteen subspecies of pine and fir. Moisture content is typically less than 10 %. The wood is

completely natural — no dyes, paints, or stains.

Occasionally, beetle-killed wood used in the face boards weathers into colorful orange and red tones. Both conditions provide rare

rustic wood for discerning craftspeople.

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Toon Verberg