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Our mission is to support communities to utilise their waste fully and in doing so, maximize the benefits of the purposeful work involved. Rekindle works to support creation of paid work and learning opportunities through community partnerships that actively enable people to engage with meaningful activity.

Explanation about the pictures showing furniture:
These (…) Weatherboard bench seats are (…) from Auckland (…) made with native timber from within the residential demolition process, from cherished homes that are carefully salvaged.

Explanation about the picture showing an artpiece:
The Sculptural wall panel for Ganellen Construction, The Press Building, Gloucester Street, Christchurch, by Tim McGurk, designed in collaboration with Michael Doig. (Source: www.

Rekindle initially is focused on diverting timber from waste within residential demolition in Christchurch ( please see the picture of the timber waste ), turning this into furniture, interiors, sculpture and jewelery.
Please visit to find these pictures.

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