restructured again



For the foundation bkvb 2012 architects redesigned an object that was made from window frames for the restructure exposition for the fourth time. The frames were now used to create a sound insulated meeting room. In this room the special committee judges requests for subsidies within 20 minutes. The proposed art, architecture and design projects can be presented on an integrated plasma screen or exposed on the 4 m2 turning Wall that functions as the entrance.

The two windows to the Amsterdam canal were closed by piling up 20 years of catalogues and dead stock publications. This not only symbolizes the 20 year anniversary of the foundation but also improves the acoustics off the room.

Graphic design studio thonik added the colored surfaces, flooring and monitors with registrations off talking heads presenting their plans…

The restructure installation will be taken apart in spring 2009 and is for rent at 2012 architects.

see former restructure expo :


picture by allard van der hoek

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