Reverse Graffiti



Brazilian artist Alexandre Orion demonstrates against pollution by cleaning the soot (roet) away in car tunnels. A cleaning towel is his brush by which he makes clear lines into the sooted surfaces, creating his art: ‘I’m cleaning, and cleaning is not graffiti. It is not a crime. Polluting is a crime. What I’m trying to show is thats a crime there. I’ts not my crime. It is all our crime. It is an universal crime.’

The text is an extract from the VPRO tv-show In De Ban Van Het Ding, a small clip: In the following video Alexandre is making the actual graffiti in the tunnel. The clip also shows how that is appreciated by local authority:

After the cleaning Alexandre takes home the towels, damps out the water and extracts the soot. He than mixes the soot with an acrylic based medium, to make paint out of it. This sootpaint is than used to again makes pieces, but now on canvas.

Alexandre Orion (1978)

Reverse Graffiti (since 2007)


Sao Paulo, Brasil


Alexandre Orion:

VPRO tv-show In De Ban Van Het Ding (complete):

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