REWIND, playful streetfurniture

Rotterdam (NL)


Superuse Studios

Superuse Studios’ Cesare Peeren designed this play and sitting object from 9 derelict windturbine blades. The composition of the blades guarantees a good view on the river maas of Rotterdam. While the positioning of the curved blades makes them into an ergonomic seat for all sizes of people. The colour was derived from the first big bridge that is visible from the rewind. It also makes the object stick out in the grey surroundings. For stability and resilience to vandal treatment in th eRotterdam public space, the wings had to be attached to a very heavy base; one cubic meter of concrete was adviced. The concrete was sculpted according to the style of the neighboring bridge, and accordingto the composition and ergonomics of the seat. The concrete used is made of 70 % of building waste,.
The project has been made possible through financial support of DOEN foundation

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