robodock rolling machine



This bone breaking machine made out of cable reels was built in the entrance of the robodock reuse and robotica festival 2006. Choosing one of three ‘magical’ ports to enter the festival, that was dedicated to ‘alchemy; this year, the visitor had to work his way through the wooden clockwork machinery. On the way with heir body weight inducing the movement off the machine, hence influencing other visitors journey through.

The 2012 Architects buildingteam built it on site in a two week and intense workshop. Using discarded cable reels to form two man size thread mills. Two thread mills were built to drive the machine.You could close one door or be spinned round and round endlessly by another tress passer

Smaller cable reels turned out to be bridges by simply stacking them following the lines of forces.

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building team:

Césare Peeren, Pieter de Jong, Thijs Masthoff, Isis Hoos, Jules Verhoeven, Jos de Krieger

Project was supported by the dutch architecture, art and design foundation; FBKVB

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