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In Amsterdam Ruigoord we discovered this screen built out of records. The connection system is very much the same like the floppy cloth on this superuse website. the screen was designed by Ruth Bouman

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Ruigoord fits into an age-old tradition of “artists colonies” where art and life are integrated into a social experiment. Ruigoord is an idealistic and an idyllic place where artists can pursue their own vision. But it is really the emphasis on joint projects which lends it the character of a present-day artists colony. In a unique fashion mutual involvement is given form and the need for exchange and social experience is met to the full, as is the need for expression and ecstacy! Deep human needs which grow only stronger as contemporary life becomes evermore egocentric and materialistic. The green oasis which encircles Ruigoord answers to the artist’s need to withdraw, for shorter or longer periods, from urbanised and industrial surroundings, which was always a reason for the existence of artists colonies.In Ruigoord “Gesamtkunstwerken” such as theatre productions, festivals or the building of a Tower of Babel, the lines between those who conceive an idea and those who carry it out are blurred, and it is the result of the collective creative happening which determines the artistic credentials of the group. This group is known as the “Amsterdam Balloon Company”, consisting of -apart from the regular members of the artists colony- fellow artists, friends and kindred spirits from Amsterdam and from all parts of the globe.Open to everyone, the interactive, interdisciplinary and multicultural group activities form the reason for and the right to existence of the cultural freeport Ruigoord. Ground-breaking culturally innovative movements such as renaissance, expressionism, dada, surrealism, beat, provo and punk, were always stronger than the destructive oppositions between political and religious systems. Nation has made war on nation, but artists from different cultures have kept on cooperating and inspiring each other.It is for this spirit, on the interface between ancient traditions and avant-garde experiment, that Ruigoord stands open. Empower the Imagination, now especially, at the beginning of an as yet unformed new era.

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