sad story in Steenwijk



an amazing story is developing in the north of Holland where a dutch architect realised his dreamhouse with lowtech means

most materials were recuperated and locally avilable and all means were taken to produce a sustainable, low energy house.

The house was finished one and a half year later than the contract with the authorities allowed for and it was claimed the house has not been built completely by the plans that were checked. especcially not fully obeying the so called ‘bouwbesluit’ made the steenwijk counsil decide to order the ground back and have the house demolished. This ofcourse is an enormous waste of both human, material and financial energy, the architect has lost all legal cases so far and it seems the demolishing will soon take place.

on the website of Jan Husslage one can support his effforts to keep his house but it seems a miracle has to occur in order to change this absurd turn in Dutch history.

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