Save The Beach Hotel



On the 3th of June the Corona Save the Beach Hotel was opened – for only a few days. The hotel is entirely made from beach-trash, this to bring attention to the fact that our seas and oceans and therefore also a lot of beaches are severely polluted by trash.

The Save the Beach campaign is inviting people across Europe to report and nominate endangered beaches throughout the summer, by visiting The winning beach will be recovered and cleaned later this year by brewing company Corona. Last year, website users chose the Italian beach in Capocotta as the recipient of the Save the Beach clean up.

Project mastermind H.A. Schult: “In the ocean, the trash from all continents meets one another. The trash from Africa meets the trash from Europe, meets the trash from South America. The environmental problem is a global problem. We are living in a planet of garbage.”

designer: HA Schult

design: Corona Save The Beach Hotel (2010)

superused: trash from beaches

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