Vila Nova de Cerveira (PT)



‘Shell.ter’ pavilion, a temporary installation for the Cerveira Creative Camp, was built from monoblock chairs in the gardens of a natural park in the north of Portugal during a short summer workshop led by LIKE Architects. While this pavilion resembles the most advanced form of parametric design, the form is actually created by the relationship of the arches formed by ordinary chairs, which, rather than serving as seats, act as a shading device and backrest and create new frameworks that enhance the surrounding nature.
Under strong sun, the shadows projected on the structure emphasize the tracery of the pavilion, creating an effect of great complexity. The association of mirrored chairs and their rotation in the horizontal plane, obscures the reading of the chair as an isolated element and contributes to the creation of an enigmatic white plastic skeleton that arouses curiosity in all visitors.
Assuming the form of a pergola tunnel, SHELL.TER invites park guests to relax in the shade along the river, creating a new meeting place that has even held small concerts. Being fully reversible, Shell.ter has virtually zero environmental impact, and can also be (re)assembled every summer.

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