Shelter: Annex #4



‘Another strange structure has materialised at the south-west corner of Bedford Square in central London — the Architectural Association’s long-favoured spot for bringing its activities into the public realm and airing current theoretical preoccupations. Perhaps best described as a cabin in the American survivalist mode, Dutch artist Rob Voerman’s structure is a ramshackle assemblage immediately at odds with the ordered symmetry of the Georgian square.

The anonymously titled Annex #4 is in fact a shelter fashioned from the upturned hull of a car that is obsessively extrapolated into an expressive timber shed. Its stark, reclaimed timber-clad envelope opens up cagily to the garden square through an elliptical window of darkened glass and also in an explosion of jagged, red Plexiglass-clad “apertures” — a peculiar amalgam of the functional and the emotional.

Crank open the inverted car door and inside is an unexpectedly complex but still person-sized space, incorporating an upside-down Peugeot dashboard and steering wheel. It is clearly a work in everlasting DIY progress — splintery recycled timber is piled up in one niche next to a vice, awaiting application as interior cladding; an ashtray hovers close by. Infused with a red glow from the Plexiglass, the miniature space is dramatically illuminated by a stained-glass window — homage to something, though it’s not quite clear what. The shapes of inquisitive passers by, drawn close to inspect this alien object, loom at the windows as they try to see in.’

Rob Voerman

Annex #4 (2006)

500 x 235 x 270 cm

Car, steel, wood, polycarbonate, plexi-glass, stained glass.

Quoted: Ellie Duffy from December, 2006


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