Soviet Cosmic Experience



In 1976 the Soviet Union started to develop the reusable spacecraft Buran. The project was the largest and the most expensive in the history of Soviet space exploration. Though the Buran might look somewhat similar to NASA’s Space Shuttle, features differ. The first and only orbital launch of a (unmanned) Buran was on November 15, 1988. After the first flight, the project was suspended due to lack of funds and the changed political climate in the Soviet Union. The project was officially terminated on June 30, 1993 by President Boris Yeltsin.

Part of the Buran shuttle developingprocess were a number of testmodels and mock-ups. This specific Buran used to be a structural test vehicle to messure loads and stresses, heating and vibration. It now rests his days in the small entertainment park Gorky in Moscow. Here kids can visit it as ‘Cosmic Experience’ movietheatre: a Soviet dream reused to inspire new dreamers.

Cosmic Experience, movietheatre

NPO Molniya, Buran, # 015, OK-TVA (ca. 1985)

Gorky Park, Moscow

Source: (picture) (a clip from google earth)

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