spindle as dispenser



here’s a way to reuse your cd-spindles

1 tissue toiletpaper of any kind

2 Empty CD Holder (after CD’s have all been used)

3 Cut the center of the top of the empty CD Holder (or unscrew spindle) with an exacto knife

4 Take out cardboard center of the toilet paperroll

5 Place TP roll into CD holder and pull center of roll through the top

Thought of another way you could do this with the same materials too:

Rather than cutting the spindle out of the “lid” (as I’ll refer to that part from now on), why not instead cut a small 1-2 inch wide slit along the length of the “container” (transparent part that twist locks into the “lid”) from top to bottom, and then use the spindle to hold the TP roll (without removing cardboard tube).

Effectively you could then fix the “lid” to a wall, position the slit on the “container” so it was facing down, and you have another form of public TP dispenser, as the TP revolves on the spindle and can be pulled out without crumpling through the slit at the bottom

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