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after the peat had been dug up in ‘de veenkolonien’ (moor country in the east of the province of Groningen), farmers settled on the fertile land and started growing crops, mainly potatoes. it was announced that the subsidies for growing potatoes will be axed. this will seriously affect the economic situation and consequently the layout of the area. What will the future look like?

In our project we wanted to symbolise the present situation with a view of an (uncertain) future. the structure has been realised at the site of the ld Bareveld railway station. The station symbolises the passing of time. It is a short stop for travellers before they move on to the future. The potato boxes represent the area’s past aswell as promise of the future (boxes being depositories for seed potatoes). Local youths helped build the structure, giving the boxes a new use. They left their personal mark on the structure in the form of ribbons, they themselves decorated, symbolising the influence that young people have on the future.

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