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The Studio presents work of artist and designers from every kind of genre who are working with reuse of materials, images or ideas. In one big space they facilitate multiple functions: a store, an exhibition-space, guest-workshop. They also give workshops, are a documentation-center and a meeting-place. They also combine projects and events outside their studio.

The shop is well equipped with all kind of items made from reuse materials. It has furniture but also unique gifts. It contains pieces of art but also one-of-a-kind clothes.Studio Hergebruik (2004) is found by the charismatic Jan de Haas (1943). According to their site, Jan praises himself lucky that so many creatives recognize the concept of the Studio. Back in 1983. Jan was also one of the initiators of Scrap: ‘To be honest, I can’t do anything myself, just organize and facilitate. Well it just seems to work out very well.’

The studio is located at Coolsingel 53 (across City-Hall), Rotterdam. Check for the latest workshops, events, artists and collections.

Source: website Studio Hergebruik

Picture made by Rob ’t Hart

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