stugbag website launched



Qenep architects from the hague just launched a new website promoting their colourful bag-collection called Stugbags. The line of bags is made of the discarded rubber mats from printing industry and sewn to a layer of felt.

The site allows customers to order one of the unique designs with the producers directly.

“A printing blanket is a discarded product from the offset industry made out of a few layers of rubber and canvas. It is extremely durable and strong.

We re-use these blankets in their most original character and quality. STUGBAGS are assembled in a way it effectively protects against shocks and rain. The material is upcycled; we give it a new life as a high end product.

The materials used for lining and assembly are all natural and of high quality. The felt on the inside is pure wool dyed with non toxic natural pigments.

STUGBAGS are products that give waste material a second life, promoting the waste=food principle.

STUGBAGS are products with identity. Each bag is unique, but still the design is very recognisable.

STUGBAGS are well made. High quality is important and a lot of attention goes into making each bag.

STUGBAGS is a small business, but still we make an effort to have social awareness in everything we do.

STUGBAGS are tough, strong and protective. “

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