Survival Watch



Forget the survival knife of the illustrious Rambo, all a you need as a survival kit, is a refilled watch. When time is over, when a new battery or repair is useless, remove the main watch parts from the casing. (And off course, one brings the mercury loaded quartz mechanic and battery, to a municipal collecting center.)

When the inside is cleaned out, store it with the following survival items: Wire, foil, dental floss and paper clip (fishing line), magnet (to make a compass), aspirin, vitamin, match heads, pencil lead, survival instruction sheet, strip of duct tape, white LED light and 3-volt watch battery (emergency light), band-aid, an anti-bacterial tablet, a mini plastic baggy or condom (to hold water or for disease proof housing) and mints (you never now).


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Toon Verberg