La Malpuesta (ES)



Javier Mradâ s and Javier Salazar s 2009 stop motion short Teclepolis gives us a cautionary tale about misdirected technological advancements, and its side effects on our natural surroundings. Animation by the Can Can Club. A more detailed and poetic summary as follows (via Alpha-ville):

“Once upon a time, old magazines gently danced in the wind, and super-8 cameras could roam freely across wooden tables while the carpet flowed in and out. Everything was nice and easy in those days, love was in the air and the music was really, really nice. Suddenly a mouse happened. The mouse of course looked for a nice spot and planted himself as mice do, then a whole Mouse civilization sprang 
up, happily singing, joyfully consuming, busily hurrying, towards inevitable destruction. Without a care for the world. How can they be saved? The camera can only watch, only the mice can stop themselves. But they continue their joyfully dance to the very end. Plastic waste has reached the point where not even the most distant beaches are safe. There is no moral in the story. While we ourselves
 will not last for very long, the consequences of our actions will last forever.”

The full ~12 minute stream can be viewed down below! No english subtitles necessary!


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