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Césare Peeren and Pieter de Jong from the Rotterdam based 2012Architecten have developed an unique modular multifunctional furniture system: Cilly. Modules can be assembled and made into a collage to once liking. The discarded pvc cable reels cylinders have a diameter of 40cm and can be delivered in depths of 40cm and 20cm. Modules are endlessly combinable and fit in every space and can have almost any possible function one can think of: That’s Cilly!!

2012Architecten have developed an inspiring collection of Cilly modules. For start there are the basic modules which are ideal for storage. Fine items can have a place as well: there is wide range of Cilly modules available fitted with drawers, racks to host wine and glasses, modules to show photo’s, shelves to display books, records, vitrine boxes for gadgets, etc.. For almost all the stuff that surrounds you, there is a Cilly-module.

But there is more. Everything can be illuminated by compatible Cilly modular lamps: there is a smooth wall armature and an adjustable ceiling light. It’s even possible to go loud since there is a Cilly module with high-end speakers: there is a module containing 2 speakers and a module hosting a very large subwoofer. According to experts the pvc and the round shape are ideal for your sound system.

Available in any color, Cilly modules can be assembled in such a way that they become your new coffee table, desk, cabinet, dresser, bookcase, wardrobe, etc..

Or, go large! You can also order 2012 architects to design your Cilly interior. The Cilly module than becomes the brilliant basic element for your exclusive living room, study, cloakroom, office, bar or shop interior. An example of such a custom made interior composition can be seen on the picture. When clicked upon also a series of inspiring Cilly possibilities can be seen.

Wanna know more? All information is available at or go directly to Currently there is a small presentation of the Cilly at Studio Hergebruik in Rotterdam. Here one can see and touch a play-full range of Cilly possibilities.

2012architecten, design: Césare Peeren, Marco Zaccara, Jos de Krieger, technique and production: Pieter de Jong

Cilly, modular multifunctional furniture system (2009)

Superused: Discarded pvc cable reels

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Cilly, for the stuff that surrounds you.

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