Tired cars



tires are to be found everywhere around the world, to discard them companies have to pay about so they are very willing to supply them.

sources are bikes, scooters, cars, trucks, airplanes, agriculture

Normally a tyre has a metal-mesh-wire lining in the thread to reinforce the surface off the tyre, and an eight mm metal wire along the bead to keep it on the wheel.

Scooters and airplane tires have threads without the metal lining.

the biggest tires come from the ‘earth movers’, up to 4 m diameter!

The thread with steel-mesh lining can be cut with a strong jigsaw with a wood blade. In the sides, the ‘cheeks’ of the tire you can cut them by hand with a tapestry knife. You can cut the beads best with a special, expensive, wire cutter.

They naturally function really well for toys, and furniture, but are also used as a watertight skin for a house and even to build load bearing walls

Mille gomme is the specialist in holland. They build amazing objects from tyres on site.


see mille gommes audio furniture at Worm, Rotterdam


The earth-ship foundation has used them successfully for more then 30 years now to build walls.


this entry was made possibe thanks to a contribution by the netherlands foundation for visual arts, design, and architecture

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