Trabant nest



On a nice day in November 1989, suddenly Die Mauer was opened. Television camera’s showed images of the East-West border in Berlin. It seemed that an endless row of East-Germans came through in their wobbly and smoking Trabants. The plastic kleinwagen became one of the icons of that day, of that moment. Which, ultimately, led to the Wende, a complete change of the political climate. The current climate has become as such that from tomorrow onwards, the first of January, the 2008 Berlin, forbids Trabants to drive along the city, because they cannot live up the stricter environmental regulations.

Someone in Neureuppin must have somehow wanted to make a statement about some ostalgic things and put the DDR-car up a pole, with a roof rack. A couple of storks got the message, build a huge nest and started a family. Click on the picture to seem them upclose. The Trabant could be up there for a while since the body is made of plastic called Duropal: a duroplast mixture from phenolraisin with cottonfibres.

Trabant stork nest (ca. 2002)

VEB Sachenring Automobilwerke Zwickau, Trabant P601 Limousine (production 1964-1990)

Neuruppin, Germany


Picture shot by Nir Nußbaum, placed with kind permission (Trabants forbidden in Berlin)

VPRO documentary, De Kunstof Kameraad (The Plastic Comrade), about the Trabant:

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