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The bachelor (Yuppie) who’s life is shaped after the style of a certain guy called James Bond or Patrick Bateman. Who’s minimalistic condo is stuffed with shiny metal, glass, black leather, electronic gizmo’s and who’s major concerns are after work diners, hard bodies (fit women), parties, parties, parties and sports cars. A world of overdue, plenty and than some, where a seat from the scrapyard seems out of place.

Athens (Greece) based designer Dionysios Skalos makes the Re:Sit Hardcore furniture collection: ‘Tricky things and expensive toys for adult children’. Well the words seem to match the suggested lifestyle. The furniture is ‘inspired by the old toy MECANO.’ Thus the difference between man and boys: ‘the materials used (anodized aluminum profiles , plastic and stainless steel components) are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. Equipped with castor’s and wheels, electric motors, car seats, black lights, LEDs, nautical fenders, and underwater telecomanded motors , it’s a hand made collection of peculiar furniture and other multiple use design objects. All in motion.’

The basic construction of the furniture is inspired by MECANO. Dionysios calls his version: Aluminum Digital Design: ‘a construction system, a structural approach related to the concept of the digital display. As the digit, the initial basic element, combines with others to form numbers, letters or any 2-D representations , so in this case the aluminum profile, after being cut and perforated, combines through stable or flexible joints, in order to produce the desired forms. The successive articulation of such 2-D forms, allows the construction of 3-D objects.’

Dionysios basic idea of Re:Sit is to ‘recycle and reuse car seats as chairs, armchairs and sofas in a living space. All body frames are made of the same aluminum profile.These high quality seats are fitted with several motorized adjustments powered by rechargeable 12DC Volts batteries.’ In case of this armchair, two used window wiper motors (left-right) provide smooth and maneuverable motion. A third motor from a electric window system projects and retracts a rolling footrest.

Maybe I send my jet, to pick one up.

Dionysios Skalos

Re:Sit (Hardcore Furniture Collection), Electric Armchair (2005)

Athens, Greece




http://www.makezine.com/blog/archive/2006/10/resit_recycled.html (picture: model 007, electric armchair)



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